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Coach Boat - January 2012

It's amazing that we are less than 200 days from the start of the Olympic Games. Three and a half years ago it seemed like 2012 was so far away and yet we are already "almost there." The countdown has started, and with 13 of the 16 team members already selected, the 6 Paralympic sailors being selected at the IFDS Worlds and Rolex Miami OCR and the final three Olympic team members qualifying from the Women's Match Race trials in May, we are starting the final push.

We have a full staff (coaches, trainers, physical therapists, etc.) selected and all athletes and staff will be spending a lot of time together making sure we have all the routines practiced well before it all starts in Weymouth. While our focus is on putting in many days on the water, we always need to keep a trained eye on not over-training. Our task is to stay hungry through the spring and be completely ready for action for race 1 of the Games. There are many components to managing the correctly timed peaks of the sailors and we will draw on the vast experience of our coaching staff to work with each team to make sure we are on the right path for everybody.

For the entire quad, our goal has been to be medal ready in as many classes as possible. Many factors come into play. We will prepare every sailor to be ready to compete at the highest level. Naturally all our sailors had to get through our Trials process first, and with that now behind us we can look ahead to the main goal of the quad: Standing on the podium.

Starting with Rolex Miami OCR, we will have several World Cup events and class European/World Championships to finish our preparation. Winning will be the goal at all of these events. We know we have the skills and speed to stand on the top of the podium and we will start showing just that. We will push the starting lines, work the boats hard, and make sure that every part of the boat is set up right. There is only one thing that matters in 2012. You got it,  medals.

We are very excited to have your support and we look forward to beginning our final preparations.

Best regards


Kenneth Andreasen is the High Performance Direcctor/Head Coach