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Competition Heats Up, Point Spreads Tighten at Sail for Gold

Weymouth, England (August 12, 2010) – The leader board is starting to shake out at Skandia Sail for Gold, as today was the first day some of the bigger classes were split into gold, silver and bronze fleets. Seven US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics (USSTAG) teams currently sit in the top ten of the Olympic classes with one more day to go before Saturday’s Medal Races. Medals will be decided tomorrow in the Paralympic classes, where two U.S. teams are in the hunt. Typical of ISAF Sailing World Cup events, the points are tight at the top and the stakes are high.

“The racing is very close and with two more races tomorrow, a lot can happen,” said USSTAG’s High Performance Director/Head Coach Kenneth Andreasen (Tampa, Fla.). “It's great that we have such a competitive fleet here, because that gives us the best training possibility available.”

Maxwell FarrarThe highlight of the day was USSTAG’s Erin Maxwell (Stonington, Conn.) and Isabelle Kinsolving Farrar’s (New York, NY) two consecutive bullets in the Women’s 470. Their double win today strengthened their position on the ladder, and the 2008 World Champions now sit in sixth place overall, only nine points away from third place. 

“Today we were able to get off the line with some really good starts, and we had some pretty good boat speed to keep us in those good lanes, so that was fantastic,” said Maxwell. “It was a super shifty day so it was a game of making sure you stay on the lifts and play the shifts well, but at the same time not taking too much leverage on the fleet because you never know what the next shift is going to be and if they could pass you. So we were really trying to weigh whether it was time to cover the fleet or play the shifts, so it was a juggling act. It was fun.”

Today’s cloud cover also added a level of challenge, but they were comfortable and confident with their sail set-up, which gave them an advantage. “You can’t see the depth of the sails as well and you can’t see the twists when it’s cloudy, because you just don’t have the shade or that depth perception going on,” said Maxwell. “It’s important you know your sail set-up well and not just on the naked eye.”

“It’s also fun to have the weather changing every day because that way it keeps everyone off guard,” added Farrar. “We feel like we do better when other people are less comfortable.”

Paige Railey (Clearwater, Fla.) finished second in the second Laser Radial race today, thanks to excellent boat speed and sail set-up. “I set my sails quite differently than the other girls especially because I’m lighter than them,” said Railey. “I was focused on keeping the same angle on my boat and not letting it alter too much. I did a lot of sheeting and tried to stay out the whole time. It was hard work!”

Her coach at Sail for Gold, Dennis Paaske, noted her scores – 12, 2 - today were good, considering today’s shifty conditions.  “It’s the whole package that needs to come together on a day like this. You need to be looking out of the boat a lot because you need to see the shifts,” said Paaske. “You have to look at the clouds and the whole scenery. On top of that, you need to go fast.”

Women’s Match Racing teams started the quarter finals this afternoon after wrapping up gold fleet racing this morning in shifty, puffy conditions blowing off shore. Sally Barkow (Nashotah, Wis.) and her crew, Alana O’Reilly (Charleston, S.C.) and Genny Tulloch (Tiburon, Calif.),  went 1, 1 against NED’s Renee Groenveld. Team Tunnicliffe, which is comprised of Anna Tunnicliffe (Plantation, Fla.), Molly Vandemoer (Redwood City, Calif.) and Debbie Capozzi (Bayport, N.Y.), won their two races in the quarter finals against GBR's Lucy MacGregor’s team to take the series lead, 2-0.

Tunnicliffe described the two races today in her newsletter: “The first race was a close race. In the pre-start, Lucy got a penalty. Off the line, we won the end that we wanted and controlled her up the beat. Half way up, she tacked too close to us, dipped behind us and luffed us hitting us which led to another penalty for her. She sailed fast and used the puffy conditions to close the distance downwind to draw us back in, but we held her off until the finish. In the second race, it was again close racing, with us leading at the top mark, her passing us downwind, but us gaining the inside overlap at the leeward mark to round ahead. Up the second beat, there was a big right shift which we managed to place ourselves on the inside of and despite a late charge from her at the end of the second run, we held her off for the win.”

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At the end of this event, in addition to the awards for the regatta, ISAF will award medals for the overall Sailing World Cup standings. Sailors have accumulated points at each World Cup event, which count toward their final standings in each class.

Friday, August 13 - Racing day 5, Medals decided in Paralympic classes – Schedule:
Saturday, August 14 – Racing day 6, Medals decided in Olympic classes (no warning signal after 1530)

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